Suicide (April 2015)

Photography - 84.4 x 56.3 cm

Teenage's suffer depression, but we do not like to cry in front of the teachers or other students. That's why we decide to hide on the staircase and cry alone. This work seeks to express the sense of loneliness and shows the hidden side of most teenagers.

The closer you look, the less you see (June 2015)

Photography - All in different size

Sometimes we don't just feel sad, or lonely-- we feel hopeless because it seems like nobody cares about us. We feel hopeless because we can't do anything for this world. We understand that our friends may want to cheer us up , however, the closer you look, the less you see

Do You Look Good? (February 2015)

Photography - 55.4 x 86.6cm 

Everybody loves their clothes because they make them look good. Clothes in our life contribute a lot in building up our self-image. You can see how confident they are when they are wearing their favorite clothes in the photo. So do you like them? Do you feel confident when you wear your favorite clothes?

The Line Between (October 2015)

Photography - 84.4 x 56.3cm